Goals and Mission
Offer Professional Development
I will focus on offering Professional Development for teachers. I will develop more mini-sessions, workshops and online learning activities. These opportunities will allow teachers to build confidence with their own use of technology, find new and more engaging ways to teach the same curriculum, and have time to share what they have found that works. I plan to submit proposals to present at the WEB 2.0 and PETE&C conferences again this year and I will also facilitate district-wide summer academies.

Encourage Global Connections
I am passionate about the benefits of connecting students with other classes. I will find ways to enhance the curriculum by making these connects. I will use my online resources to find teachers around the world who would like to connect with classes in our schools.

Develop Learning Activities
I plan to continue to develop learning activities that are curriculum based and infused with appropriate technology. I will also use ISTE standards as a guide in the development of lessons. In order to do this, I will collaborate with teachers to find out what areas they need to focus on and what their comfort level is related to technology. I will also continue to find and share resources that will assist in the planning process.

Obtain Instructional Technology Specialist Certification
I plan to complete my coursework in the Fall of 2010. This will allow me to have other employment opportunities.

Continue my EducationI plan to continue to learn and grow in my profession by enrolling in another program.