Planning and Preparation

When I am developing learning activities, conducting professional development for teachers and working with students, I have many educational areas to consider. The curriculum is definitely what drives the planning. I must have knowledge of the curricular areas for grades K-5 and think about whether or not the learning activities are connected. I must also address state and district standards when planning. The standards that I focus on most are the ISTE National Education Technology Standards for Teachers and Students. I am responsible for assisting teachers to meet those standards for themselves and plan educational activities that allow the students to meet the standards. When planning professional development for educators, I attempt to tailor the experience to their specific needs. I create a survey for participants to fill out in advance. This way, I can review the information and plan accordingly. The survey results and the objectives for the workshop will drive the instruction.

Examples of Lesson Plans/Resources:
Endangered Animals Webquest

TIPS Lesson Plan: Endangered Animals Webquest (Grades 3-4)
external image msword.png Ditzler-WebquestTIPLessonPlan_2.doc

Rubric for Endangered Animals Webquest

TIPS Lesson Plan: Graphing (Grade 2)
external image msword.png Ditzler-TIPLessonPlan_1.doc