Professional Development

In my current position as an Instructional Integration Advisor one of my primary responsibilities is to provide professional development for the educators in our district. I take this part of my job very seriously because I believe that quality professional development is a key factor in whether or not teachers are able to provide quality educational experiences for their students. After talking with my supervisor and school principals, I was able to make my position more flexible in order to meet the needs of the teachers. I am able to meet with teachers individually or in teams in order to show them new tools, share ideas or help them utilize a tool. I provide before and after school mini-workshops at least twice a week and I facilitate summer academies. When planning professional development for educators, I attempt to tailor the experience to their specific needs. I create a survey for participants to fill out in advance. This way, I can review the information and plan accordingly. The survey results and the objectives for the workshop will drive the instruction. It is incredibly important to me that educators find the professional development opportunities beneficial. I have also started presenting at regional and state conferences. I have found that presenting has been such a positive experience for me.

Teacher Resource Page
This is a Wikispace that I created and maintain for teachers to reference when planning for instruction or learning about technology tools for their personal use. When I discover a new tool, I learn more about it and then create a page on the Wiki that includes general information, links, directions, screencasts and student examples.

Collaboration Days
Collaboration is an important skill for teachers and students. We encourage our students to interact with others, share ideas and work together. Teachers, and other professional, also need to have opportunities to collaborate with their colleagues. Classroom teachers have common planning time, but Instructional Advisors could not meet often because of building assignments. Last year, I proposed Collaboration Days to my supervisor and building principals. All of the Instructional Advisors met for a morning or afternoon in order to share ideas, discuss topics and explore tools. These days proved to be very beneficial for everyone involved.

Going Global in the Elementary Classroom
Do you want to expand your students' learning beyond the walls of your classroom? Do you want your students to collaborate and share with others around the world? Join us to find out how to connect with other classes, find projects to join or start your own collaborative projects.

Student-Centered Learning Using the Interactive Whiteboards
West Shore School District Summer Academy
Join us to explore ways to effectively utilize the interactive whiteboards n order to enhance instruction and engage students in the learning process. Teachers will have the opportunity to learn about Easiteach and create lessons using it, find interactive websites that connect to the curriculum, explore ways to use Discovery Education, try the iClickers, and plan with colleagues. Basic troubleshooting of the interactive whiteboard will also be addressed.

Speed Dating: WEB 2.0 Style
West Shore School District Summer Academy
Come and learn what 21st century teachers are using in the classroom to connect with today’s students. This academy will focus on internet based tools that allow teachers and students to become creators, not just users, of internet content. Explore these amazing tools that can enhance your classroom practice and move your student’s thinking to higher levels.
2010: (A WSSD Private Wiki)

WEB 2.0 Tools in the Classroom
Classroom 2.0 Global Learning Event (CAIU)
Learn about some easy-to-use WEB 2.0 tools that will engage students and make leaning more meaningful. We will explore Wallwisher, Scriblink, Big Huge Labs, VoiceThread and Vocaroo. You will learn how to use these tools in the classroom and see examples of student work using these tools.

Classroom 2.0 Global Learning Event (CAIU)
Voicethread is a WEB 2.0 tool that allows you to add pictures, voice, video, and text. It can be a powerful tool for learning. Find out how Voicethreads work and how they can be used in the classroom. Explore the student samples and apply what you learned in order to plan how you can you Voicethread with your students.

Hillside, Fairview and Mt. Zion Elementary Schools
Sessions are held before and after school for 30-60 minutes. They focus on one curricular area or technology tool. Instruction is given about how to use the tools. Student examples are shared and teachers are given the opportunity to explore the tool.
Digital Storytelling
Big Huge Labs
Collaboration Tools
Google Calendar
Comic Life
Spice Up Your Webpage
Interactive Websites